Marketing Pieces for Your New Consulting Business

The series:  Breaking Into Consulting

Picking the Look and Feel of your Logo and Marketing Collateral

Your website, business cards and stationary, proposals and reports are all key to maintaining your image. Even your invoices should reflect your brand image.

Graphic Design ImpactThe words and graphics that describe and depict your products and services have a style . . . a look and feel. And while they needn’t be identical, they do need to bear a family resemblance in order to strengthen your identity.

There are well-established rules for the use of type styles, sizes, art and colors.

Unfortunately, most non-professionals who decide to do their own design work choose the wrong type styles and use too many different ones. They tend to use flashy color combinations laid out in ways that not only defeat the purpose of the communication, but actually detract from it.

If you plan to do it yourself, unless you have professional training or talent for graphic arts, you’re best off to stick to the basics for your new consulting business: subdued colors, text treatments in preference to images, and standard layouts.

Even if you do have some training and talent, we recommend that you engage professional services to be sure you get exactly what you need.

When to hire a graphic designer

We are well aware of the inexpensive design services available over the web. In many cases, you can get a logo or other design for as little as $5! However, you must be prepared to get what you pay for . . . and that often will include some challenges with communicating with the artist (who is likely to be in another country and speak a different language).

Even if you find an artist you work comfortably with, you are the client in this case, so you do need to drive the project. Here are some of the issues you need to be familiar with:

  • What works for the web vs. what works for print
  • Color choice (psychology, color palettes)
  • Typography (difference between a Font and a Typeface)
  • Formatting styles
  • What makes a successful logo

The best resource (for the artist within you!)

We recently found the best book on graphic design!  (That’s a picture of it above.) Use it to learn more about graphic arts concepts and for sure, have it handy as you work with a hired artist. Check it out in our Library.

And let me know what you find most valuable in this book.  I’ll pass it right along to the author, Roey Pimentel.

Virginia Nicols
The Marketing Machine®

P.S. While this short post deals mostly with what we might consider “marketing collateral” (printed material), the whole discussion of graphic design applies equally well to your website. In fact, because your website is likely to be the first marketing piece potential clients really spend time with, it MUST do its marketing job. Our ebook, Website – The Hub of Your Marketing Plan, addresses all those marketing requirements that the site must meet.

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