Books for the Consultant’s Desk


Not too many homes — or even offices! — haveLibrary a real library.

We’re always proud to introduce people to ours! It has the requisite row upon row of books behind glass doors (bookcases from IKEA, set up by Joe and carefully attached to the walls with earthquake brackets), with a few trophies thrown in as bookends.

As with all storage space, the library fills up faster than you might like. So, we’re at the point of having to remove old stuff to make way for the new. Fortunately, a fair number of our books have to do with computers and software, and since they become outdated all too regularly, the library is holding its own!

Plus, a lot of the books we’re adding today are in electronic format.

We’re actually busy re-arranging all the books in our online library.  For the time being, here’s where you’ll find some business books we think you’ll be interested in.  You’ll find a category just for consulting.

P.S. If you truly are interested in books, you might enjoy the observations in this blog post:

Two Years Old Is Too Old



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