Holiday Season – A Good Time to Network?

If you’re new to consulting, and just starting to build your business, or even if you’ve been a consultant for a while and think your reputation is well established . . .

End of the year parties and get-togethers are made for professional marketers!

The big advantages of holiday season parties:

  • You don’t have to plan your own event.
  • You don’t have to compete to get attendees — they will already be there!

So what’s the catch?

People are at a holiday party to celebrate! They have not come with the idea of doing business.

If you miss the cues, you could make a big mistake.

Still, the holiday season is the biggest season for many businesses, so business — and money — won’t be that far from anybody’s mind.

Your job is simply to bring business into the conversation at an appropriate time.

Your networking plan should make it clear how.

  1. Identify who will be at the party that you want to meet.
  2. Do your homework about that person — what is going on in her company? What’s going on in her industry?
  3. Be prepared to pose an intelligent and useful question at the right moment, to begin that all-important dialog and relationship building.

If your purpose is networking, it is not to party. Don’t confuse the two.

Don’t stuff your face while trying to present yourself as a professional.  Ditto regarding overdoing alcoholic beverages.

Yes, networking at holiday parties can be tricky, but what a shame it would be to miss a great opportunity!

If you are serious about networking, consider getting your own copy of our Professional Networking Guide. Professional Networking Guide miniIt will set you up so you’ll make it safely and effectively though the holiday season minefield.

This is a serious training piece. If networking is a part of your business marketing — and surely it is — then I believe you’ll appreciate our step-by-step approach to becoming a confident and effective professional networker.

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Virginia Nicols
The Marketing Machine®

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