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What skills or tools do you need right now?

A Professional Home Office Working from home is easier and more accepted than ever before. But setting up a computer in your bedroom probably won’t cut it if you are serious about conducting professional outreach and delivering professional results. Get three basic checklists from The Marketing Machine® to be sure you haven’t overlooked essential tools.  Click here for more details.

Practice Management Tools New to consulting, and setting up your systems, forms, etc?  You’ll need a New Client Marketing Questionnaire.

We’ve developed a basic marketing questionnaire that you can customize for use with any small business. (Since most people seem to start a marketing conversation around the topic of their website, we start with that, too.) You may need a more comprehensive “Professional Assessment” document for a larger client or a larger assignment — but you’ll only know that after the first meeting — and this questionnaire will get you started. Request your copy now.

Professional Development Are you networking at the highest level of effectiveness? In consulting, perhaps more than in other businesses, how you present yourself when face-to-face is key to your getting referrals and new business. We’ve networked for years, on behalf of our own business and on behalf of clients. If you haven’t had that experience, or even if you have had experience but don’t really enjoy networking, then .  . .

. . .You may not be doing it right. Professional Networking Guide mini

The Professional Networking Guide is a 46 page workbook that addresses all the basics of effective networking: defining your purpose, the skills you need, identifying your target prospects, knowing what to say and how to say it, and more. The guide will help you build a personal networking plan that will hold you in good stead no matter what the occasion. You will become the “expert tool,” yourself! Find out more about the training here. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Professional Development

Have you taken the time to build your list of Accomplishments? If networking is on your list of marketing activities, then you’ll need a full complement of Accomplishments to draw upon — as conversation starters, to include in letters or emails, and Building Your Accomplishments Libraryfor that all important sense of confidence that helps you understand just what you have to offer.

At The Marketing Machine® we recommend that everyone assessing a career change or starting a new business take the effort to build an Accomplishments Library. There is simply nothing else that will give you the ammunition you need to answer the question, “So what can you do for ME?”    Here are details.

More from The Marketing Machine®

We’re constantly adding to our library of training materials. If you haven’t found it yet, it’s located at   If you have any questions about which of these courses might be best for you, please just give us a call. We’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction.


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