Your Digital Brochure – Who will be responsible?

Digital Brochure

Digital Brochure – Exactly what you want?

Setting Priorities for Digital Marketing Materials

If you’ve been in the business world for any length of time, you have been exposed to ever more digitally-delivered sales and marketing information.

Your previous company

In addition to the usual printed annual report, brochure, tech sheets, printed ads, etc., which of these online resources have your previous employers used to attract business?

  • Interactive website
  • Facebook company page
  • LinkedIn company page
  • Twitter account
  • Sales Videos
  • Weekly or monthly e-newsletter
  • Email promotions to in-house list

Your consulting business

As you build your consulting practice, which of the items on the list do YOU plan to use? And, most important, where do you start if you want to use several of them?

1. First on the list: LinkedIn

As we have discussed before, for a professional, a well-designed LinkedIn personal profile has to be first on your list. It serves as the introduction to your consulting “brochure.” Recent statistics show that 93% of employers are using it in their search for the right people to fill their job needs. And according to Hinge Marketing, 60% of potential professional service buyers check out their target company’s social media presence (including LinkedIn) before they decide to buy.

2. Second on the list: your professional website

Every professional needs a website to serve as a digital brochure. (It serves as far more, but it is definitely the first place any potential client will look for information about you and your services.)

There are so many options for getting a website in place!

  • You can interview and hire a website designer to build a site for you at the cost of anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000; the process may take a month or two.
  • You can get a discount website built over just a few days for as little as free!
  • You can build it yourself, if you have the time and inclination.

Whatever route you choose, be sure it satisfies your needs for YOUR consulting business. Questions to keep in mind:

  1. Will the site need frequent changes or updates?
  2. Will you want to be able to make those changes yourself?
  3. Where will you get the training you need if you want to make the changes?

How the website should be designed and laid out is worth more discussion — a lot more! Here’s a link to our full manual on building a professional services website. For today, be thinking about WHO is going to do it.

3. Third on the list: your email list

Of course you don’t intend to spam your prospects and/or clients with unwanted email! But email remains the most widespread method for personal business communications. The two key words in that last sentence: personal and business.

For your emails to be personal, you must have the right address and the right name for the recipient. Think of how many “fake” or pseudo emails you have created in the past! Your prospects and clients do the same thing.  Confirm their names, their addresses, and that they WANT to hear from you when you write.

Business emails need to be carefully formatted and managed. As your business grows, you will need an email “service provider” to help you keep your marketing lists separate and updated.  If you sign up for information from The Marketing Machine®, it will be delivered with the help of Aweber, one of the most popular email and autoresponder programs. Again, for more info on effective emails as a marketing necessity, check out Better eMail Copy.

Virginia Nicols
The Marketing Machine®


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