About The Marketing Machine®

Joseph Krueger & Virginia Nicols, The Marketing Machine

Joe Krueger & Virginia Nicols, The Marketing Machine®

We are Direct Marketing Consultants and Entrepreneurs.

The Marketing Machine® is our company and a long-established trademark.  We bring a broad range of talent, training and experience to bear on the challenges faced by most new business ventures.  This includes direct involvement as consultants to hundreds of different businesses and enterprises from small one-person start-ups to major campaigns for national and international companies in the Fortune 500 category.

Based on that experience, we have some answers to questions we often get from consultants.

“What can I do to make my services uniquely appealing over my competitors?”

That’s a tricky one! As you know, a lot of factors go into building a successful consulting business: expertise, basic discipline, resources, location, timing and, yes, luck.

You may not be able to control them all.

But here’s one that you can choose to add to that list: marketing! 

While great marketing can’t overcome serious weaknesses in other areas, it is a huge factor in achieving success.

 As a consultant, you will most likely be doing your own marketing. 

You’ll find that creativity has a place in your marketing, but so do objectivity, analysis and judgment.  That’s why we think direct marketing is such a good fit for the professional practice.  It merges right and left brain activities for successful outcomes.

We bring a collective body of direct marketing experience totaling over fifty years to the party and a portfolio of award-winning campaigns resulting in sales of well over $4.5 billion at last count.  Hopefully, by imparting some of our acquired knowledge to you, your entrepreneurial consulting adventure will be a little bit more fun and a lot more profitable.

And one final note.  We are real people. If you have a particular question, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer it!


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