. . .to today’s question:

Is marketing the weak link in your firm’s growth?

Professional Consultant

Better marketing, less selling!

As a successful independent consultant you have no doubt learned (or you are in the process of learning) that “marketing” is a critical piece of your skillset. And if you hang out with us here, you will get a lot of ideas on that topic.

The better you are at marketing, the less “selling” you will need to do. And the more profitable your business will be.

Where are you starting?

If you are new to consulting, you’ll find ideas and tools here that we think are best for that stage of the business.

If you’ve been consulting for a while, and are looking at improving your delivery, your image and, of course, your bottom line, look for expert consulting resources.  Of course, in many cases information works in both categories, particularly strategy.

If you’re in a hurry to take action, click here now to jump right to our Consultants Challenge page!  Otherwise, keep reading!

Still here? Let’s take a look at some basics.

What is marketing?

Marketing is an all-encompassing term. It covers everything from the way you dress and describe your services to the way you charge. For example, here’s a quote that seems to be about billing, but really is all about marketing . . .!

“When I started out in the consulting business, I charged $45.00 per hour and clients were all the time haggling over the bills. Now, I charge by the project and post my hourly rate at $245.00 an hour. Clients not only pay promptly, they never argue about the bills.”

Makes you think, doesn’t it?!

There are, of course, a great many types of consulting opportunities and the marketing strategies that work in one area or discipline may not be appropriate in others. And the tactics you are comfortable using may differ sharply from those a direct competitor may find productive. We are familiar with all manner of marketing and, yes, sales as well. It will be up to you to decide what is right for you.

We offer the tools. It’s up to you to decide what will work for you.

In any event, what you read here will be real. We are passionate about the subjects of marketing and sales. And, we’re not just talking the talk. We’ve walked the walk of consulting for several decades and worked for clients of all sizes and throughout the United States and abroad. And we’re still doing it.

Keep up via regular marketing Advisories.

We like to write — so we document our discoveries, helpful case histories, great resources, and sometimes even marketing disasters. Like all other aspects of your business, marketing isn’t something you do one time and then forget. It’s an ongoing commitment.

The Advisories will help you keep up and keep fresh in as painless a way as possible! If you’re serious about marketing your business, sign up to get the Advisories now.

Welcome aboard.

Joe Krueger and Virginia Nicols
The Marketing Machine®